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We responsibly support more than 10.000 customers, in a timely and professional manner.

Business Areas

Food industry

Our customers include retail chains, restaurants and other businesses and companies operating in food service, such as meat producers and processors. We assist them in managing hazardous, organic and inorganic waste.

Chemical industry

We are experts in soil decontamination solutions, as well as in collecting, transporting, sorting and disposing hazardous waste from chemical and petrochemical industries.

Pharmaceutical industry

We have an unmatched experience in integrated services for the disposal of hazardous pharmaceutical waste offered to drug and medical equipment manufactures, pharmacies and pharmacy networks, veterinary directorates, and other pharmaceutical waste-generating organizations.


We provide integrated and customized services to all economic entities and healthcare providers that generate hazardous medical waste (such as public and private hospitals, veterinary directorates, clinics, medical practices, cosmetics and wellness facilities, tattoo shops).
“During the 2 years of collaboration with Stericycle Romania, we had to deal with ‘challenging’ situations, during which the team proved flexibility and professionalism, being a real partner in our relation with the authorities. In other cases, their readiness made the difference. We often received more than we were promised.”
RĂZVAN LASLO – Administrative Director, MEDLIFE
“For those operating in the healthcare field in Romania, each day comes as a challenge. Among our most trustworthy partners when dealing with the multiple challenges we include the Stericycle team which, through each situation solved and advice offered, has managed to gain our full trust.”
TEODOR TIMARU – Head of Administrative Service, Oncological Institute Bucharest