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We offer tailored services in hazardous waste management.


Medical waste management

The waste generated by hospitals, clinics, veterinary directorates, public health authorities or private practices require special segregation, packaging, collection, transport and processing procedures. Our role is to help our customers comply with the law, while providing the safety of an integrated management of the medical waste circuit . Read more

Tests for monitoring sterilization

We offer verification services to monitor the efficacy of sterilization of reusable medical instruments for Pupinel and Autoclav. By offering these tests we support our customers in their endeavor to comply with the current law, as well as to provide patients with the safety of a quality medical act. Read more

Pharmaceutical waste management

We are making our contribution to reducing the impact on the environment and community associated with pharmaceutical waste by using a reliable disposal solution. Read more

Chemical waste management

By using the existent sales, collection, transport and disposal infrastructure, we provide turnkey solutions for chemical waste management, thus contributing to reducing the impact of hazardous materials and substances on the environment. Read more

Industrial waste management

Stericycle Romania has the necessary experience and know-how to deliver comprehensive waste management services for various areas of the industrial field Read more

Veterinary waste management

We bring our input to reduce the potential risk on public and animal health and the environment posed by food waste generated by HoReCa, animal carcasses in the rural environment or animal by-products not intended for human consumption resulting from the meat processing industry. Read more