Veterinary waste management

We offer a full range of services for the management of waste generated by animal healthcare activities and food facilities.

The veterinary waste we collect, transport and process comes from:

  • Slaughter houses, butcheries, meat processing facilities (parts not intended for human consumption: hooves, antlers, skins/furs);
  • Animal breeding farms: sheep, sine, cattle, wild animals for fur (silver fox) or meat (ostrich, hare);
  • Town halls with private households for animal breeding for meat/milk/eggs, with dead animals;
  • Hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, generically referred to as HoReCa, generating unconsumed food products;
  • Big retail chains, generating food products that reached their expiration date;
  • Zoos and circuses, generating animal food which was not consumed and deceased animals;
  • Private pet clinics (generating body parts resulting from medical interventions and whole bodies);
  • Scientific research institutions using animals for testing pharmaceuticals/cosmetics (guinea pigs)