Tests for monitoring sterilization

According to current law – Order of the MoH no. 916/2016 approving the technical regulations on the cleaning, disinfection and sterilization in public and private healthcare units, Annex 5 and 3 referring  to The Norms for approving the functional structure of medical practices with a view to obtaining the health authorization (approved by Order of the MoH no. 915/23.12.1999 supplementing Order of the MoH no. 84/1998 on the medical practice clearance) all healthcare units (hospitals, medical practices) that use reusable instruments are obligated to sterilize them  after each use, and the effectiveness of the sterilization process shall be checked monthly via bacteriological  and chemical tests for each sterilization cycle.

Stericycle Romania addresses the needs of compliance with the national legislation of its customers, offering delivery service and conducting verification tests of sterilization for both pupinel and for autoclaves.


This service includes:

  • supply  and delivery of sterilization tests
  • taking tests from the customer and performe their analysis via an laboratory authorized by the Ministry of Health
  • delivery to the beneficiary of the results report issued by the laboratory


With the help of our team, the patients of Stericycle customers will have the guarantee that they turned to a healthcare facility that takes all necessary measures to protect them from potential infections, while customers will gain precious time and the certainty of full compliance with the legislative requirements.